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As an online shop owner, the question I get frequently from people is how to manage my payment system, especially in this digital, dynamic era – where I have to be agile, efficient and careful with both my daily life and my business. I have to be smart in allocating the funds I earn to reduce unnecessary costs. Otherwise, I suffer the consequences of being inefficient—it can be really bad. At first I was confused, because in business we are not able to just cut expenses, all we can do is make efficient decisions to lower expenses. Can you imagine if I have to go back and forth to the bank to check my business transactions? That alone costs me money.

Luckily, in this digital era, banking has been made easier with e-banking. I can manage my transaction from home, in my comfortable shorts, in a sofa. But daily banking problems do not stop there. I still have to choose the best banking services from dozens of banks.

In my effort to find the most suitable bank for my business, I came across ON Account by CIMB Niaga. Luckily, I was invited to the launch of ON Account Powered by XL some time ago. I learned about their interesting offers and features. Plus, I even got to meet Rianti Cartwright & Christian Sugiono at the event! AAAAWW! <3

Soon after the launch event, I decided to open ON Account powered by XL. My decisions were based basically on the benefits I can gain and it is literally designed for people with dynamic and mobile lifestyle, with which we can do our banking transaction anywhere, anytime in one click away. Yes, it’s basically the mobile/internet-banking feature I needed! Now, what about the ‘powered by XL’ feature? Here’s the good news: with only IDR 5 million saving per month, I get a free 2GB data XL! I can save up the IDR 200.000 I spend every month just to support my online lifestyle!
 Aside from that, another important benefit is that On Account offers high interest rate: up to 7%! This is definitely good for my business earnings. On Account will not only support my online lifestyle but motivate me to save more money. 

As a blogger, of course one of our essential needs is fast and unlimited internet data quota, so with 2GB bonus data from XL, I can browse, blog, post photos, update status without being afraid of running out of 'data quota’. On Account powered by XL also make it easier for me to do online shopping. Whenever I find something I like I’m just a few clicks away from making the payment by using CIMB Clicks or Go Mobile to help me get what I want.
If you love online shopping just like I do, and in case you want to shop at my store,, I recommend you to use On Account powered with XL because it helps your payment (transfering to different banks is free of charge) and you don’t need to think about how much data you spend finding pieces you like! You can simply follow this link it is where I opened my ON Account XL. Start an easier life now, and no more wasting your precious time.

As someone who is highly mobile, On Account powered by XL is my daily hero. I don’t know how I survived my life so far without it! I bet you feel the same as I do; from daily business transaction to online shopping needs, I leave it all to mobile banking. It’s always a good idea to start saving at the right bank while at the same time making your lifestyle spending more controllable, because #EksisItuDinamis!

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