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This fantasy print skirt has been in my wardrobe for almost a year yet I have never wear it before because I haven't got any idea on how to style it. Simple feminine style has always been in my heart, so whenever I feel like exploring a more edgy, boyish or other style, I always try to add some sweet touch on it. 

So I try to give it a touch of whites to make it light and feminine. I also love how the lilac colour on the print totally makes it edgy yet still feminine! I paired this skirt with my current favourite platform shoes from Bershka and a cut off cropped bralette from Cloth Inc upcoming summer collection.
This is my third look for Gogirl X TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Road To New York for the Challenge 1, if you haven't know what it is, let me tell you about this. Around last two week, TRESemme e-mailed me and some other fashion bloggers to join this competition. I was so excited to know that the prize is a free trip to New York and watch Mercedes Benz Fashion Week live! 
So I went to Gogirl! Office and briefed by Gogirl & TRESemme team, they gave us 3 challenge, the first one is to post our best styles with the theme of upcoming S/S 2015 trends during the week. So here I am accepting the challenge!

Letting my hair flows naturally after using TRESemme shampoo & hair care, totally love the results!
Details of the skirt, I'm in love!

What I Wear:
Cloth Inc bralette 
Unbranded Skirt from Bangkok
Mango Mini Bag
Mango bracelet
Bershka Platform Sandal

As for this challenge, we are required to get lots of likes on our instagram in order to help us to win the challenge. So I hope you don't mind to give me some double taps for my looks on instagram (@juliantanoto)

And you can also join it as well, don't forget to visit www.tresemme.co.id to know how, who knows we could be the lucky ones? ;)

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  1. Totally love the skirt! It goes really well with white!


  2. prettyyyyy~ the skirt looks gorgeous and the bralette looks adorb! c:

    cheer, michelle

  3. Cool unicorn skirt! And i like the bag as well!!!

  4. amazing look! good luck for you challenge!


  5. I love the bag :) Your outfit is cute ^.^


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