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So I've finally come to the last challenge of TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Road To New York, and the last challenge is creating a fashion spread inspired by New York Style. I definitely love the challenge because fashion photoshoot is definitely my thing, as you know, I always style every shoot for my brand by myself because I love to do it.

Talking about New York Style, most people will imagine about the chic NY fashionista or street stylers, we know that it is something most people will remember first when talking about NY. But on this challenge, I want to bring you to another side of New York Style, something more fun, a little bit cute looking and some kind of preppy as well. Let's take a look at different style of New York, inspired by the American Barbie Doll and New York preppy style.

My inspirations: Blair Waldorf, Alice+Olivia, Kate Spade.

(From left to right: New York Barbie Fashion Show, Kate Spade Barbie Collection, Coach Barbie Collection)
So here's my fashion spread for the challenge!

Put a wig for the second and third look. Can you see that hair is a ver important part for your look? Just a simple change of hair can totally give you a whole different & new look!
Styled by Me
Blue Plaid Bralette, Pink & White Skirt are from Cloth Inc upcoming summer collection

So inspired by the moodboard above, I created this three looks according to my inspiration sources. For the color palette, I choose pastel color to represent Spring/Summer feeling. The pink coat, polkadot skirt, high collar top, and plaid bralette is definitely my essential items to create this fun, preppy New York look. So, fun prints, high collars and coat are a must have wardrobe to create such look, and a tips from me is, don't wear too much accessories on the arm again, or if you want, opt for a simple and clean bracelet, as that's how New York fun/preppy street stylers do.

For this project, I also got the chance to collaborate with the famous beauty blogger, Lizzie Parra which is my favorite make up artist as well, with her team Olyvia Awuy as the hair stylist, and also my great friend Try Hansen as the photographer, and not to forget, a professional model from 21mm Agency!

You might love to see the behind the scene video on how I create this fashion spread, starting from the make up, photo studio setting, styling, posing choreography until it's done as a final results.

Click on the pic to watch the video. (It's my first youtube video ever by the way!)
Oh, if some of you ever ask about my no make up look, I forgot to 'makeover' myself because we're so much fun doing the 'barbie', so you can see here :p

So, how do you think about my fashion spread? I hope you like it as my whole team are putting so much effort for this project :)

Btw, don't forget to vote me by clicking like on my instagram pictures if you like it, and you might love to join the competition as well!

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