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Spring/Summer is always identical with a bright colour & fun print. Last week I was invited to join Tresemme Style Seeker Hunt Road to New York, and they ask to create a look based on the upcoming S/S 2015 trends, so here I go with this pieces. I'm choosing a light tank as it is the best wardrobe for summer weather, and paired it with this printed flare skirt from Cloth Inc (as you know, I'm a big fan of flare skirt!)
Here's some tips to create a Spring/Summer look like this.
You can choose the colour you like as the key basic piece of your wardrobe and find a print that has the similar palette like that, or it could be vice versa, you choose the print first, then see what color(s) are there in your printed wardrobe and choose a top/bottom that have those color(s)! For this printed skirt as mine, white & mint will also works good, but as I want to create it more fun, I pick yellow. I also choose a printed flare skirt as it shows my signature style which is a girly looking one.

 Can you see that my sunnies and bag matches as well? I pick my favourite love-shaped bag to add some fun elements on this look, and paired it with this sunnies with mint & pink floral deco which matches with my skirt & bag!
I got this sunnies from Hello Smithies 
What I Wear:
Top: Cloth Inc (upcoming Summer collection)
Bottom: Cloth Inc
Shoes: F21
Bag: Bangkok
Sunnies: Hello Smithies

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  1. Gorgeous! This skirt is amazing beautiful!
    visit me soon on

  2. What a gorgeous look! That floral print is so so pretty.

  3. looking so adorable with yellow!

  4. lovely look! :D
    the yellow top looks so fresh! x3

    cheer, michelle

  5. Loving that skirt and top together! <3 Stunning color combination! xx

  6. gorgeous !!!
    love it !!

  7. You look pretty on the dress! But i love long prom dresses, however yellow is so beautiful!


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