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If you have seen some of my outfit posts, you might know that my style is mostly a simple & sweet girly look. But sometimes I also try to explore a little bit boyish touch. I admit that it's kinda hard for me to look totally boyish, most people said it doesn't suit me and me myself feel kinda weird when dressing up boyish. So whenever I want to explore the boyish side of me or in the mood of it, a touch of girly mix boyish style is the best option! 

So here it goes, I'm taking back my denim jacket from Cloth Inc Pre-Fall 2012 collection, and paired it with a white camisole from our latest collection & a pink plaid flap skort from our upcoming collection. (Stay tuned for Cloth Inc new arrival on Tuesday, 27th May on the webstore, the pink skort I'm wearing will be available along with so many new stuffs!)

Tips: To have a sporty/boyish - girly look, you need a piece of boyish wardrobe that will be the centre of attention on your look, for example, this denim jacket is the essence of this look. Then add something with girly touch to match it. In my look, the pink skort I'm wearing give the girly touch and the white colour on my sneakers wedges makes the look a 'light' and kinda sweet feeling. A touch of a girly accessories will also do (but choose something that's not too sweet), such as the blue statement necklace I'm wearing (got it from my latest sponsor, shopheartbeat)
What I Wear:
Denim Jacket - Cloth Inc Pre-Fall 2012 collection
White Camisole - Cloth Inc (here)
Pink Plaid Flap Skort - Cloth Inc
Bag - Zara
Necklace - @ShopHeartbeat
Shoes - Hongkong (unbranded)
The shoes is one of my best buy as I bought it in a fashion market there for only around IDR 100k!

PS: the white camisole is one of my current essential of the season. It matches with almost everything!

Took it with my new camera, Fujifilm XE2 and thanks to the perfect weather on the day. I really love the results of the shoots, even with such a little retouch on this picture. 

Btw, next two week on Saturday-Sunday, 31st May-1 June, there will be the third INFARE on EX Mall and I will be back joining the event! If you haven't know what INFARE is, it stands for Indonesia Fashion Care, where a lot of bloggers & local brands gather to make a blogger garage sale event, and we donate some of the profits we receive for charity.

This year I'm joining it, also with my brand. I will be selling some of my pre-loved stuffs (which is mostly worn one or twice only, and some even never worn), and some stuffs from Cloth Inc as well!
And for this third INFARE, we take childhood as a theme because 2 June is Children's Day, and some of the profits we receive will be donated for children who need. There will also be lots of bloggers joining such as Anastasia Siantar, Clara Devi, Gabriella Olivia, and also supported by OOTD Indo and many more! So make sure you come to visit us on one of those days!
I really hope to see some of you there :)

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  1. love your style
    you look pretty !

    anyway mind to follow each other ?
    i have already followed you

  2. love this look
    simply yet fab

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  3. Love this outfit and the photos are so nice :D

  4. sporty outfit is the essential for me whenever i have so may errands to do. in this outfit you make it looks so effortless!!
    love it!

    Style and Write

  5. Love this outfit! so cute!
    Follow u right now!

  6. Wow,you look is so fresh. Useful article.
    Thank you.


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