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aking my current favorite skirt for a movie day to the mall. For those of you who lives in Jakarta, you must obviously know this place I took this outfit post. It's been quite a while since my last post, up to now, I have just posted 3 posts including this. Balancing work & school keeping my really busy, especially it is my last semester of uni. Though I still have few times to manage my social life, dress up and hanging out, it makes me quite reluctant to take some shoot, as I really think to enjoy the moment with my friends and loved ones and not distracting it with taking some outfit shoot and social media, especially with such a little time I could have for the past few months.

Another reason that makes me almost didn't update my blog is, I was thinking whether I should continue this blog or not, I took some time to think the reason I blog. Looking for fame or existence is not a good reason to keep me blogging, and the very first reason I start this blog was to help me start my brand back then, and to be another media to promote my clothing line. So when everything has become more settled (thankfully) now, it took me quite a while to think again about all of this.

 Designing & styling lots of clothes also keep me quite bore to make myself dress up, not that I'm less passionate in fashion, but I think it's a common thing a designer often feels. I also talked with my fellow designer friends, and it's true that some of us just feel lazy to dress ourself up, as we often see and deal up with lots of clothes we create & we style for in our works.

But then after a 'break' that I go through from my blog, I remember and feel again my passion for fashion, not only for designing but also for blogging. How I love writting, and sharing my passion & inspiration to my readers, and how a girl nature to dress up always there inside me (though there are surely some time I feel bored about it and just want to wear my lazy pullovers), but well, deep inside it's always there.
So here I am back to this blog, and I think from now on I will keep update this regularly, also not to forget, I really think you guys are the reasons that make me decide to continue this :)

What I wear:
Top & Bottom - Cloth Inc
Bag - Unbranded
Wedges - New Look
Necklace - Forever 21

I took this photo with my new camera, Fujifilm XE2 with 23mm lens I recently bought from
Niji Store
It's really helpful to take outfit posts as it is way more handy, lighter to carry, and not really attracting people's attention with it's sizes! My boyfriend help me to took this photo as he also support me to be back to the blog. I think that's also a small reason that keep me away from blogging, DSLR camera are too heavy to carry and too big to be inside our bag, plus too much attracting people's attention while shooting our outfit post, do any of you feel it?
By the way, pausing from blogging also made me skip some invitations, but I manage to go to one invitation lately, which is the Liebeskind Pop Up Store opening party by Urban Icon. If you follow me on instagram (@juliantanoto) you might already saw my quick update about it.
I also wear this skirt to the event & will surely update you about what's there in my next post.
So 'til my next post!

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  1. wow such a lovely post! great job x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  2. glad you're back on track now ^^ you look cute yet sphisticated in that outfit! i feel you, somtimes i hesitate to take an outdoor shots bcs my camera is too heavy and catch peoples attention also. keep blogging and inspire the readers ^^

  3. Very cute. I love this look <3



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