April 5, 2014


How's your weekend peeps? Today I'm updating my blogpost with my Saturday's outfit. I'm having a casual kind of Saturday, enjoying movie watching The Raid 2, so here's my kinda casual outfit:

Cloth Inc black plaid shirt & red midi skirt / Zara envelope sling bag / Daniel Wellington watch / Vintage glasses / Rubi basic brown loafers

and now my hair is back to bob and its original color!

Both of the top & bottom I'm wearing is from Cloth Inc latest April collection, if you haven't see it, here's the latest lookbook, click the image to check it out!

And for your information, Cloth Inc will be joining this year's Pop Up Market at Kuningan City (*invitation & BCA credit card holders only). If you haven't know what Pop Up Market is, it's a yearly event brought by Prasetya Mulya Business School, where they gathered local brands, not only for fashion but also food & beverages!

This year's Pop Up Market theme is Shibuya, which I think really suits fashion, street & food!
It will be at Kuningan City, 3rd floor,  starting from 11*-13 April, and they will have 2 floors of booths!

Here's some sneak peek you can check at @popupmarketid instagram. 
Sky high, a two level affairs, with the city's glimmering skyscrapers as the backdrop! How cool is that?

And if you want to come on their first day and would like to get the special invitation, I have extra 10 invitation (each valid for 2 people) that I'm going to give it away! You can simply e-mail me your address at juliantanoto@hotmail.com and I'll send away the invitation.

Can't wait to see you all there!

January 22, 2014


 Cloth Inc Spring/Summer 2013 collection / Bangkok heart bag & pumps. 

I'm a little late but wishing each and everyone of you, happy new year 2014!
2013 is a totally great year for me, it’s full of surprises, unexpected things. I can say it's a roller-coaster ride this year. There's ups & downs, but it's what makes it exciting and unforgettable. And I believe that every downs I've faced last year were meant for good reasons, just like the roller-coaster ride.

Last year, I'm having my thesis,internships and spend time to manage my business at the same time, everyday for the last 6 months in 2013. It was really, truly, hectic months for me. But thankfully I have a lot of supporting people who helped me to go through this phase. And now I'm so glad I'm finishing my thesis & internship soon, and I will have a lot more time to manage my brand while also continuing the very last semester of my uni life. Cheers to 2014! 

Talking about my business - I'm so so so much grateful that I went for this business. Now it's been two years since I start my own business and brand, Cloth Inc. Through it, I'm allowed to see bigger and real world, and it brings me to even greater world than anywhere I've ever been. 
Throughout all my life, this business is the place I learn real things and learn the most.
And thank God even since the first day of this year, I've already given so much opportunity to make it bigger and grow better. And I can say, this is what makes me exciting to walk through every single day of this year. 
And for sure, I should thank everyone; my customers, readers, partners & team. I'm surely can't bring my business up to this stage without each of you.

For sure this year I'm preparing more exciting concept and surprises in Cloth Inc this year. You'll surely want to stay tuned for this. To start it off, here's some sneak peek of the new-and-first-collection-this year. It's Spring 2014 campaign and coming up next week!

Stay tuned at our instagram @cloth_inc to be the first to know one it's published!
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December 26, 2013


wishing you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for reading my blog in this whole 2013 & Happy Holiday people!

what I'm wearing:
sweater from Cloth Inc
Others (studded bag, bowler hat, skirt & white pumps) all Bangkok market unbranded stuffs 

December 7, 2013


Ending the year, Cloth Inc create an exclusive & limited collection for the season. This season we express our collection in the shades of earth and neutral tones shown in the palette of broken white, crème, camel brown and black. The collection we present in these warm earth tones are made to resemble the feeling of Fall/Winter season, wrapped in semi minimalist, modern urban silhouette and styled in layers of coats and knit wear.

From classically tailored blazers to brown faux leather and creamy color knit wears, the delicate nude tones that are emphasized by strong neutral black make the collection look completely sophisticated and perfectly made for young and confident women. 

Click and stop by at our webstore at www.clothinc-shop.com to shop our latest Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

November 7, 2013


Have you ever feel you’re simply not happy with what you have? Or maybe you are quite happy, but there’s just something in your life that make your happiness not complete. Maybe you miss some little pieces, or maybe there are just some wrong pieces between the things in your life.
I do, haven’t been for a long time ago.

There are so many things I’ve went through in my life, I might write about it later, but let’s just take a summary for now. Couple times things and life doesn’t go with what I plan and what I want. I throw countless what ifs to myself, simply questioning what if things doesn’t go this way? What if I decide to choose another way that time?
There’s countless what ifs I questioned to myself for nothing. For nothing I could actually change. 

I found this once somewhere when I browse through the internet.
“If you think happiness is a empty hope, you simply look all over the wrong places”, or if  I could say, you might simply look on it with a wrong point of view.

Then I come up to realize that things will not always go your way in life. But happiness isn’t about always looking for ‘what ifs’, it’s simply to be truly content with whatever you are and have at the moment. Because in every little thing that doesn’t go your way, you actually can see a slight of hope that it was happening for reasons, only if you look it at the right side, and once you do, happiness comes after it.

Cloth Inc classic vintage dress / Cloth Inc X Tea Label necklace / Suite Blanco Shoes 
Photo by Fery Saputra

October 27, 2013


Starting this Monday with shoes from Signature Ditchy by Ditchy Mitchy & FVDN Store dress!
Loving the ballerina-shoes-like strap on the shoes and cute colorful leopard pattern on my dress. You know that good clothes can boost up a girls' mood? So dress up pretty & have a good Monday!

October 21, 2013


With or without the sweater, people?
Oh, don't assume I'm in a melancholy mood for making this post title this way. I'm talking about my outfit palette here. Well, I'm actually feeling blue in terms of my outfit. If you notice, my last three blog posts were all in blue-palette colors. I don't know why but perhaps I was into blue colors lately without realizing it (and I still have one more blue dress from my new sponsors to be posted after this, please don't get bored seeing my blue outfits).

I'm currently having an addiction wearing this blue jeans I received from Chicnova (well, I'm pretty sure you know this popular webstore). First reason, denim/jeans are in the top lists of most comfiest fashion item to wear (agree?) Second reason, it's always stylish all the time and easy to styled with any other item. The last-but-not-least reason is, this jeans from Chicnova is in an dyed-blue ombre colors! Which surely can add an instant stylish look to your outfit, and makes me can't resist to pick this comfy-cool item.

The stripe shirt I'm wearing is one of the new collection from my brand, Cloth Inc! and if you like and wonder where do I get the navy sweater, it's a piece from the upcoming winter collection we'll have soon.

Shoes, I'm sure you have seen this studded loafer often enough on my blog (yes, it's one of my favorite shoes, since this loafer is so 'ready-to-go', the color makes me easy to match it with any clothes, and it's really easy to put my feet on it especially when in a hurry)

I just recently reorganize all my clothes & shoes and found out I have so many shoes I've bought and never worn, and turned out I repeat wearing the same shoes over and over again, like these pair.
If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this picture of my shoes collection:

So I'm going to be 'fair' with them and will take them to my next blog post one by one (stay tuned!)
Btw, which look you think is better, with or without the sweater?