December 30, 2014


Took this outfit photo at one of the happiest place on earth, Disneysea Japan on my trip last few months. Haven't got time to edit and post it on the blog so I guess it's okay to do a little late post about this? Hope you enjoy this post!

Btw, the end of 2014 is coming, and we'll be welcoming 2015 soon!  2014 has been a very great year for me, many opportunities come along in 2014 and posting this post makes me remember one of my greatest moment in 2014. So, what's your new year resolution? Have you think of any?

What I Wear:
Cloth Inc Signature Autumn Coat in Navy
Cloth Inc Navy Stripes Tee
Cloth Inc Flap Skort
H&M Knitted Scarf
Charles & Keith shoes
Cloxvox chain backpack

November 14, 2014


What I Wear:
Cloth Inc Signature Autumn Coat in Khaki & Flare Leather Skirt
(both of them are coming up this week!)
New Look Plaid Shirt
Charles & Keith shoes
Cloxvox chain backpack



As I have shared my outfit, I also would like to share some stories about my trip. So, you might have known that I visited Japan for a 13 days trip, several weeks ago. Some of you who have read my previous posts might also have known that the reason I visited Japan is because Cloth Inc was invited by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry to attend Fashion World Tokyo, which is a fashion business exhibition and my brand was representing Indonesian along with other fellow local brands from Indonesia too. Of course, I don’t want to travel far away only to attend the exhibition, so I spend the rest of the days there for vacation with my boyfriend too! We’re so excited as this is our first trip to a country that is quite far from Indonesia. We always wanted to visit Japan together and never expect that the opportunity could come this fast :)

I visited 4 towns there, Tokyo, as we are exhibiting there, Gotemba/Kawaguchiko (where Mount Fuji is at), Kyoto and Osaka. Here's a post with one of my outfit in Japan when I was visiting my favorite place from our trip, Kawaguchi.  I took Shinkansen from Tokyo to Gotemba, a small city where we can see Mt. Fuji from almost in every corner of the city there and going to visit Kawaguchiko from Gotemba. But sadly when I arrived there, the weather was cloudy so Mt. Fuji didn’t appear on my sight. I was extremely sad back then because it was a long trip from Tokyo to Gotemba. Took this picture along the way in Gotemba City. Too bad, because of the weather we can't see Mt. Fuji from Gotemba that day. So we took a bus to Kawaguchiko, we arrived at night then rest at our hotel. The next day, I wake up with a very beautiful view. It's the view from our very own room in the morning, right away to Kawaguchi Lake.
Here's my partner in crime in Japan, and in life. Btw, his outfit is from Label Eight Store.
I ride a bicycle around the city with my boyfriend to enjoy the view of the city and the surrounding of Kawaguchi Lake. Stop by at this spot for a picture. The moment I finally saw Mount Fuji, I feel so peaceful and grateful. It has such amazing serene beauty that gives sort of feeling. And another reason is I think because I feel how amazing God’s works could be, and to enjoy such a beautiful view with your hard work is just a bliss.
So, here comes the end of my Japan travel journal. I need to be back to work but I’ll update more stories and outfit pictures in Japan soon!

November 12, 2014


Continuing the previous post, here’s the second sequence from BOW by Billy Tjong show on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 on first November. This collection is specially made in collaboration with WRP. Let’s jump to the pictures and let them talk!

Nah, bisa lihat sendiri kan, koleksi BOW by Billy Tjong for WRP ini sangat merepresentasikan wanita WRP. Koleksinya didesain untuk menonjolkan lekuk tubuh yang ramping, untuk wanita yang percaya diri dengan penampilannya dan nyaman dengan penampilannya. Warna merahnya juga diambil dari warna khas WRP dan sangat memberikan kesan wanita seksi dan menonjolkan keindahan bentuk tubuh mereka. 

Ngomong-ngomong tentang WRP, selama ini pandangan aku tentang WRP itu untuk wanita yang gemuk secara produknya sendiri sangat menonjolkan tentang diet. Aku sendiri selama ini belum pernah berusaha menurunkan berat badan sama sekali, malah justru selama ini aku beberapa kali berusaha menaikkan berat badan aku namun tidak berhasil, dan banyak yang kaget mendengar bahwa ternyata aku kesulitan menaikkan berat badan. Ternyata persepsi aku dan kebanyakan orang tentang diet selama ini salah. Diet itu tidak harus selalu untuk menguruskan atau menurunkan berat badan. Diet itu sebenarnya bagaimana kita mengatur pola makan kita supaya teratur untuk mencapai tubuh yang ideal dan badan yang sehat. 

Nah, WRP sendiri kali ini mengenalkan produk WRP Diet To Go mereka, dimana mereka menawarkan susu diet pengganti makanan yang penuh nutrisi, namun tidak berlemak tinggi, dan juga praktis untuk dikonsumsi kapan dan dimana saja. Cocok banget kan buat kamu yang ingin menurunkan berat badan supaya punya tubuh yang indah dan percaya diri untuk memakai baju manapun yang kamu suka. Nah buat orang-orang yang ingin diet menaikkan berat badan seperti aku sendiri, jangan pikir susu berlemak rendah itu gak akan membantu menaikkan berat badan. Sebaliknya jangan salah juga, walaupun kita ingin menaikkan berat badan, jangan juga mengisi tubuh kita dengan lemak yang tidak baik, tetap pilih makanan yang bernutrisi dan diatur dengan pola makan yang baik. 

Jadi, pasti mau coba kan mengkonsumsi WRP Diet To Go supaya punya tubuh yang ramping, dan bisa memakai koleksi BOW by Billy Tjong for WRP seperti model-model yang ramping itu? Kalau butuh informasi lebih lanjut tentang diet dan produk WRP Diet To Go, langsung visit website mereka ya di

Sekian deh cerita tentang show #BOWByBIllyTjongForWRP in collaboration with #UROCKS!JKTFASHION ini.


Here’s one of the show I watch on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015.
Watch this BOW By Billy Tjong show on the first day of JFW15 last week at Atrium Senayan City. I bet most of you have known Billy Tjong for his fabulous and elegant wedding dress designs. This time, Billy Tjong introduce a ready to wear line called BOW By Billy Tjong and collaborating with Heavenly Blush & WRP for the collection.

As the name, this collection introduce a fun designs, mostly with a wearable pattern for daily wear. The show is divided in three sequence, the first one is BOW by Billy Tjong collection itself, the second one is BOW by Billy Tjong designed for WRP, and the last one is designed for Heavenly Blush. Here’s from the first sequence, BOW for Billy Tjong collection.

BOW by Billy Tjong for Heavenly Blush

We know Heavenly Blush is a yogurt brand made with fresh fruit flavors with a freshening taste, so of course you can imagine why BOW by Billy Tjong made this collection. It definitely represent Heavenly Blush. White as the basic, with fun prints in fresh colors. I just can imagine the white fabrics from the collection must inspired by the yogurt itself and the prints was inspired by the fruits. So representing isn’t it? 

The event was so exciting,  and filled with many fashion enthusiast people, and also with performance by Lala Karmela which makes #BOWbyBillyTjongforHB & #UROCKS!JKTFASHION show even more lively.

PS: Talking about Heavenly Blush, I just knew that they have this kind of yogurt drink and I definitely love the taste just right after I taste it! My favorite on is the peach flavor, and I think it’s the most favorite flavor by people. I always love drink with a little sour taste, I don’t like something too sweet to drink, and definitely this drink fits my taste buds. And for those who doesn’t like sour, I guarantee that this yogurt drink doesn’t taste as sour as the normal yogurt you imagine. You’ll definitely love it!

Lately, I’m becoming a more healthy conscious people. I guess as you grow and your age goes up, you’ll concern about your health more than before, isn’t it? Lemon infused water has became my daily consumption starting from the past few months, and now I’m starting to add this Heavenly Blush yogurt drink as my daily intake as I just know the facts that Heavenly Blush yogurt drink have a high calcium that is beneficial for your body. As for me, it helps me not to get tired easily with work, and also feeling fresh when I work. Today I just drink a bottle of the peach flavor to freshen my body after work before writting this blog post. 

So, care to try one ladies?

Back to the fashion show, another sequence is BOW by Billy Tjong for WRP. I’m going to post it on my next posts!
As for now, I’m going to grab another flavor of my Heavenly Blush yogurt drink. See you!

October 12, 2014


So apparently I finished some works of preparation to Tokyo earlier and got some time to blog again. Well, this time I think about sharing my working outfit to you instead of the usual ones. Since I work on my own office and working in fashion, I don't wear too formal outfits, so I think it's worth a post to share. I hope this could be an inspiration to work without looking too formal but still neat and professional. 
So yesterday I spend a half day on my office, since it's Saturday, I'm thinking of something I could wore right away for Saturday dinner so I don't need to change after work. So I opt for this lace flare dress and pair it with a black blazer. For the blazer, I just opt for a semi chiffon blazer so it doesn't look too formal yet still gives a professional look. I wear a black ribbon belt to accentuate my waist and to make it not too formal.By the way, you can try to change the belt into a plain one instead of ribbon one if you want to look more professional. 
Added a dark silver necklace and belt to accesorize it and my new watch, Daniel Wellington Sheffield in Black from The Watch Co that I have been wanting since long! 
 Strolling around the park after working with these playful floppy hat (oh of course I didn't wear it while working). Usually my blog pictures are taken by my boyfriend, thanks that he got a time to take my blog pictures again, since it's been a long time I have decent pictures for my blog!
As for the shoes, I'm wearing my new wedges I got from Charles & Keith, and this one is my current obssession! I always have a thing with white shoes, and the glass transparent wedges is just to die for.

What I Wear:
Cloth Inc lace dress & outer
Unbranded belt & accessories
Charles & Keith white glass wedges
Zara sling bag
The Watch Co Daniel Wellington Sheffield watch in black
Tea Label bracelet

So now I'll be back to work again (yes it's Sunday), and will start to pack my outfits and Cloth Inc collections to Tokyo! I'm so excited and will definitely share tons of pictures from Japan on my blog and instagram. Stay tuned for my Japan updates!

PS: I'm thinking to change my blog layout, anyone have recommendations of website that have nice blog templates?

October 1, 2014


So as what I wrote on my post title, it's been a while. Last time I updated my blog was in July about Dorothy Perkins event. I must admit the past few months has been a busy months for me again thus I cannot find a time to update my blog. But well, I have a lot of stories to tell about all the things going on in my life. But first, let's take a look on my latest outfit before going to a long long story.
 I'm wearing one of the most favorite top from Cloth Inc Summer 2014 Collection and also the most favorite skort which already sold out now. I wore this outfit on Jakarta Euphoria Project event last three weeks, so I opt for a simple and comfortable outfit cause I was there for working as well. I opt for a soft and pastel look and give it a vibrant touch with my new red bag from Charles & Keith which I got from a good friend of mine on my birthday in August.
 Accessorise it a cute bagcharm from Wanderlust, a new and trusted accesories online store in instagram which I love lately. This is the first bagcharm I have, and I really love this simple yet pretty red rose charm, which matches my new red bag so well.
Plus, a pair of new shoes from Charles & Keith as well! Talking about Charles & Keith, do you realize that lately they have a loooooot of good products ever since they are brought by the LV Group. I just bought myself 3 pair of new shoes in the past few months. 
What I Wear:
Cloth Inc summer halter top in white & blue plaid flap skort
Charles & Keith bag & shoes
Wanderlust bagcharm
Fossil watch & Cloth Inc bracelet

So now moving on to my personal story, I'd like to share few of my favorite moments during the past few months I'm away from this blog (well, some of you might already know if you follow me on instagram cause I update it more often)

I'm finally graduated!
I finally graduated from my university, and now focusing on my clothing business! Now I'm still waiting for my graduation, but I'm so happy and grateful for that. So soon after I graduate, I continue to make an office for Cloth Inc. This office was actually already planned since last year but I just had the right time to finish it. I haven't got any good picture of my office, but if you follow me on instagram, you might already see that I've done a blessing night (or so called as pemberkatan & syukuran) for my office last August. Training new staffs and adapting with the new team & system has made me quite busy, but I'm really happy to see my brand grow this way :)

Hello Smithies Workshop
Last month I share some story about my blogging journey on Hello Smithies blogging workshop. You should visit their instagram becaus they have a lot of creative and interesting workshops coming up :)

Cloth Inc on Jakarta Euphoria Project
We had a big hit on this event, it was the third Cloth Inc event this year and we receive such an unexpected crowd! It was a 6 day full of hardwork, being exhausted, but me & my team were more than happy and grateful to see the crowd and meet all of our customers in real and see their excitement.

Our booth was even being noticed by Net TV and I got the chance to be interviewed by them because they say they're amazed with the crowd we have at the event :)
Appreared on Net TV
So I happened to appear on one of their TV show, Indonesia Morning Show few weeks ago, and here's the screenshot. You can also watch it on youtube if you want (here) ! (Well, I'm a little bit ashamed to share it because I look so bad on their camera lol)
Featured on OBB Indonesia
I also got a feature before on OBB Indonesia site ( You can also read the full interview here if you want :)

I guess that's all about all the things happened in the past few months of my life. Now let's talk about things that's coming up. So one of the things that kept me busy was..

What's Coming Up?
Cloth Inc new collection & new website!
So we are actually preparing our upcoming Pre-Fall collection and we just had the photoshoot last week. But there's also something more ;)
We haven't give any sneak peek or launch this, but I would like to specially give a spoiler to my blog reader: Visit and take a sneak peek on our new webstore that we made and ready to launch next week!

Last update is the most exciting thing, I'm going to Japan from 17 until the end of this month for business trip and holiday. I got an invitation from the minisitry of trade & economy to exhibit my brand at a fashion trade show in Tokyo. So this is my last post until end of October I guess, because I need to prepare a lot of things and documents for the event, but I'll share a lot of outfit posts & story on my blog once I get back from Japan, and I'll be sharing a lot of pictures and updates from my instagram later!

So well, a lot of exciting things are happening lately. What about you? I hope you guys had a lot of great things coming up as well! See you soon and please stay tuned on Cloth Inc's instagram and be ready for our new webstore launching!

July 4, 2014


So around last 2 week, I was invited to Dorothy Perkins Exclusive Collection Launching, All About Rose. I said yes right away when they invited me since I actually love their brand for their pretty feminine collections (you can see how I love something girly and sweet). So without further intro, let's see how the event goes right away through my pics!
The event was in one of their store, Dorothy Perkins Central Park. Just as we enter the store,  we are already treated with such a pretty rose themed tea party set, just as the collection's name. I love!
Met Cathy & Michelle at the event, we don't forget to take a pic first for sure.
Pretty dresses and floral set on the front store display. I want all of them.
And here's a corner of their exclusive All About Rose collection. I want to scream pretty!
After we enjoyed chit chat with other bloggers there and enjoying the tea set, I was given a chance by them to choose anything I want from their All About Rose collection, I'm definitely a happy girl back then! So after scrolling and scrolling through their displays, I finally made a tough decision (as all of their collections caught my eyes with such pretty prints and feminine vibes). I finally made up my mind for this piece, which u might already see on my instagram if you follow my account :)
Took a picture with Regina Raquel with our new super pretty clothes.
Zoom zoom to the prettiness
And what a pretty details they have too for this piece!
I have no reason not to love their collection and share it to all of you, and here's another pictures from their official lookbook.
Embrace print this Summer with Dorothy Perkins’ new collection – All About Rose a brand new collection that draws inspiration from our namesake: an English Rose.  This delicious collection of standout dresses, pleated skirts, soft tailoring and stunning separates has been pulled together to mix textures and prints; and encapsulates the floral trend with roses and flower detailing in jacquard, lace, appliqué  and embroidery.
As the name suggests this new 16 piece collection includes the literal Rose print but also has subtle floral insignias and tone on tone stitching to create a feminine and romantic aesthetic that works for every summer occasion.
Building on our British heritage as we fast approach our centenary, All About Rose by Dorothy Perkins is a collection that takes a romanticised stance on florals for summer and uses blush and candy colours mixed with cornflower blues to create a pastel hue.
Key pieces from the collection include the pale pink boyfriend jacket, rose jacquard pencil skirt and matching structured top, pink appliqué floral cropped blouse, the wide leg trouser in print and pastel tones  and the blue and pink exclusive rose print that has been worked onto skirts, tops and dresses.

If you love the collections as much as I do, you can hurry up and visit their stores at Central Park or Grand Indonesia and shop the items. Once again, you need to hurry up because the collection are exclusive, and for sure, it's limited. I actually have another one I'm falling in love with but it already ran out of my size back then, so I hope you don't miss them.